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My Last Trip to Jakarta

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Well, here I am now. Back home from my last trip to Jakarta. The trip was a bit bitter and sweet because there are things that goes out of control, with speculation about what it may cost me it what I might gain.

And yes, it involved an unused flight ticket too 🙁

As of my arrival in Jakarta’s Pasar Senen Train Station I already felt confused about where to first.  Because the interview I really want to attend is unclear whether it going to be held or not, I have no clue exactly about when and where it will be held.

So my simplest decision is to go to Masjid Istiqlal to take a bath before noon praying, so that my body would better adapt to Jakarta’s weather that felt really hot for me. Though unluckily the water itself not freshening my body at all, it’s too hot.

I don’t know may be it’s because I still tired and also sleepy, I felt so weak on that Tuesday afternoon, I’m afraid that I can be fell anytime soon.

Why I insist on going to Jakarta despite the uncertainty?

Yeah, from the start it’s all uncertain. I just don’t want to missed any possibilities. There are three things that can be done if every things run a planned. Or at least one of them.

I will be interviewed as a Social Media Expert

The first thing that start the idea to go to Jakarta is because my friend David Khoirul asked me if I can come there and interviewed as a Social Media Expert for the team at AtmaGo where he becomes the Community Manager.

Bro, apa kau bisa kami wawancarai sebagai social media expert sekitar awal bulan depan lah. Kami ada beberapa tim dari Ideo, Amerika Serikat, yang ingin megetahui gagasan dari pakar media sosial mengenai AtmaGo. Jika kau tersedia pada tanggal-tanggal itu, kami akan ada payment untuk wawancaramu, termasuk ongkos perjalanan.

Right from the start I’m a bit doubt to accept that invitation or not. But he keeps encourage me to come, because my view can be useful for the team from Ideo, USA who do a research about the site development.

He told me about couple of things that encourage me to come. Interviewed by a team from America, that will be great experience.

And I finally made the Interview yesterday, though the place and time is not clear, I just try to come, because I have some idea bout the site that I thought would be useful.

Right after arrived at Duren Kalibata Train Station, in front of the hotel David told me to come, he called me and asked me to move to Ombudsman Replubik Indonesia, because their schedule is really tight and that could be just the right time to do it.

With the help of a GrabBike rider I hunt them down, hahaha… And the interview started just after I enter the building and met David and the team from Ideo.

To be frankly, I don’t really satisfied to some of my answers during the almost 90 minutes interview. Because some of the question I never thought would be asked and some of them I really need to think a while to get the answer. Yeah, I’m no expert, not right now at least.

That is the one thing that bother me so deep, and the second one is that I don’t ask the social media accounts of the team interviewed me, we don’t event take a picture together 🙁

I just realized how polite they are, even if they just want to take a picture of my phone screen they request my permission.

But on the other hand when they asked me about my blog, I kind of bragging asked them to Google my name, told them that my twitter will be on top of the result and all they are looking for is there 🙁 Sorry, so sorry (I start to forget your name).

Tarawih at Masjid Istiqlal

This is huge motivator for me to go to Jakarta. I want to know how was the situation in the biggest masjid in South East Asia during the month of Ramadhan. Where most people go to masjid a lot more at night to pray Sholat Sunah Tarawih.

Sadly, I didn’t made it 🙁

Picked my branded T-Shirt

This is an additional reason that comes after I ensure myself to go to Jakarta. After buying the ticket I contacted my friend, Jamal who own a t-shirt design with his roommate Nanang, to make a couple t-shirt with my WordPess based Website Creation Service (SragenWeb) logo on it.

SragenWeb T-Shirt

I also stayed at their place during this trip. A big thanks for them, because any time I ping them, I request their help they are always ready.

If you need some short of service, you may come to their place to.

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